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AITS-UK Cigar Conference 2024

Head Case Cigars attended the annual Cigar conference over the weekend, and what an amazing weekend sampling cigars from around the world. This was a totally interactive cigar weekend, meeting importers, exporters,growers, rollers, and cigar aficionados.

As a full member of the AITS, Head Case Cigars was keen to attend this years trade show, not only to keep up to date with all that's been happening within the tobacco industry around the world, but also to secure new exciting stock for our store- Head Case Cigars of Southsea.

We now have orders with companies from Zimbabwe, Puru, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Honduras, along with finding new cigar lines, we also explored the possibilities of re introducing some old lines from around the world.

We are so excited to be adding so many new lines to our cigar menu this weekend, and will continue to work with professionals all over the globe.

With such Amazing Cigar Companies, and highly skilled individuel's who create these masterpeices for you to enjoy. So the next time your visiting Portsmouth, pop down to Albert Road.

some of the new cigars are now on the online menu, we will be adding more on Friday & Saturday.

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