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Embargoed by crowdfunding platform!

Recommended by PCC and Crowdfunder UK we put together a fundraising project to help expand our business. This involved a lot of work, but it’s a trusted system and we were encouraged by pre-launch comments from customers intending to support us.

Our campaign went ‘live’ on Monday 12th June however 2 days later it is shut down with no initial explanation! Eventually we’ve been advised that Stripe (the American based, payment provider) says our business is “engaged in business activities involving a prohibited jurisdiction”.

Because the USA have a 60yr embargo on Cuba, and Head Case Curios sell Cuban Cigars, WE are now embargoed by Stripe – how ridiculous!

Not only is this very frustrating, but it is embarrassing as we launched on social media so many people have already expressed an interest. Now we must apologise to everyone who tried to donate and thought there was a ‘tech’ problem, but rest assured we will continue to explore how to fund our plans because we are NOT quitters!

We are proud that we stock cuban cigars at head Case Cigars & Curios, watch this space for new gifts and collectables.

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