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Head Case Bar

We are now delighted to offer customers a range of NON alcoholic drinks! We have the usual Coffee, Tea and soft drinks such as Coke PLUS a ever changing selection of Non Alcoholic Beers to include IPA, Stout and Lager - all with ZERO alcohol....

It's lovely to offer you a place to relax with a drink and possibly even enjoy one of our fine handmade cigars. We have a designated area outside the shop with tables, chairs and ashtrays(!) plus a small seating area inside for those less clement days when you can still enjoy a drink (sorry, still no smoking inside the shop of course).

Open Times- Thur 11am-6pm - Friday 11am-6pm - Sat 10am-6pm -- Sundays 11am-2pm

More of you now come from outside the city to buy a fine cigar and we know you cant drink and drive BUT we have the solution! You don't need to rush off, pop down, ask to see our cigar menu and enjoy a non alcoholic drink while you make your selection. We are alreay finding some customers are chatting to each other and comparing tasting notes!!

'Never Knowingly Normal' - we're a Curiosity Shop with Fine Cigars and a NON alcoholic bar!

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