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Head Case Curios Team Member ( Pip ) has Cigar Training from Hunters & Frankau

All staff who work for Head Case Curios are encouraged to attend specialist cigar training to support thier experience and personal knowledge on cigars. This week Pip (salesperson) had the pleasure of learning from a member of Hunters & Frankau. During this knowedge sharing time, Pip was shown how a fine handmade Havana cigar is constructed - by deconstructing a cigar!

A Hoyo De Monterrey Habana- Epicure No2, a fine cuban cigar any day of the week.

This training was a reminder on the basic construction, different names of each section of the cigar and the different leaves used at each stage. Pip was also told some history about cuban cigars, growing, styles, sizes, and all the different brands available.