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Trident Military Cigars

Head Case Cigars NOW STOCK Trident Military Cigars

Trident Military Cigars stands proudly as a Veteran-owned company, offering an exquisite selection of hand-rolled, premium New World cigars crafted to be savoured in any setting, from battlefields to ballrooms. Embodying a deep reverence for history, our cigars carry the legacy of valour and resilience, honouring the camaraderie forged in training and operations alongside fellow warriors across the globe.

Join an incredible journey of Trident Military Cigars, a brand born from the shared passion for cigars, history, and the Armed Forces between two friends in January 2019. As veterans they envisioned creating a cigar company that would serve and support those who have served, continue to serve, and all true cigar enthusiasts.

The mission is clear – to offer a delightful, high-quality, and affordable product that caters to both newcomers and seasoned aficionados alike. From battlefields to ballrooms, they want you to savour the cigars in every moment.

In a honoured pursuit to keep history alive, each of the cigar boxes narrate captivating tales of valour, courage, and sacrifice from the past. they find inspiration from the Cenotaph in London, where “The glorious dead” are honoured, reminding us of the profound significance of the past’s great battles and war stories.

Crucially, the mission extends beyond cigars. They are dedicated to giving back to those in need, including those who have served alongside them, previous generations, and future ones who may require assistance. To fulfil this commitment, they proudly collaborate with Jack English and James Elliott, funding one-to-one therapy sessions and PTSD awareness training.

Moreover, they are honoured to contribute to SSAFA, The Armed Forces Charity, and Scotty’s Little Soldiers. For every box sold, Trident Military Cigars pledge to donate 10% of each box sales to these two worthy causes, as well as fund vital one-to-one therapy sessions with Jack and James.

The weight of mental health challenges within the veteran community is something they know all too well, as they have tragically lost close friends to depression, PTSD, and Combat Stress. Trident Military Cigars resolve is unwavering – they will not stand idly by while veterans and serving members suffer in silence.

Join us in saying “Enough is Enough.” Together, let us cherish the past, honour the present, and ensure a brighter future for all those who have dedicated their lives to serving others.

Now you know why will now stock these cigars at Head Case Cigars.

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