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We stock fine Cigars from around the world, in the Heart of Southsea

Head Case Curios is a small independent curiosity gift shop, and along with all our unique gifts, curios and antiques we stock Cigars.

Our Cigars come from countries you would expect a cigar to come from like CUBA.

However we also have fine Cigars from other countries like Nicaragua , Honduras, Dominican Republic and even Mexico.

We started with just stocking four types of Cigars, then within 6 mths and due to popular demand we increased our stock line to 11 types of cigar. From leading brands that you would expect from Cuba, and then we started introducing some NOT so common brands.

Then just as we expanded our range of cigars -(Covid ) arrived around the globe. We like many other shops were forced to close under the new goverment laws, and this started us to think how can we adapt during these tough times ahead.

Our customers started ordering cigars , and we provided via click and collect. Once we could travel around the city, we started a home delivery service for items in our shop.

And out of all our stock, the cigars orders increased weekly.

Once the shop was allowed to re-open in early 2021, our customers returned and started requesting more brands of cigars.

We now stock over 30 different cigars, and now looking at how this can be expanded further. Head Case Curios is not a Cigar Shop, we are a Curiosity Shop that sells Fine Cigars,

we are happy to add more cigars to our existing lines, just ask !

Over 18's Only - So please dont be offended if we ask for I.D.

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