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Dirty Girl Charcoal Shampoo: Using activated charcoal alongside an organic shampoo base, you can wash away the day and have your hair refreshed and rejuvenated. Infused with Argan Oil to ensure your hair isn't stripped of it's oils and left dry, this shampoo is made for the real Dirty Girls out there.


Ouija Board Soap: Organic soap never looked so cool. Able to be used as a body wash soap, or a cool addition to your bathroom/kitchen as a hand soap. Using activated charcoal in the rear part of the soap, you leave yourself fully cleansed of everything, and with its Ouija design, maybe you'll be cleansed of any demons....


Salt Spray: Used to give your hair a fuller, matte looking finish. Unisex, long-lasting and scented with our Tropic Storm best-selling scent. You can either dip your head in the sea, or buy this, both are as natural.


All of our packaging is aimed to reduce waste, and reduce plastic. Please, once you have finished with the product, find a new lease of life for the packaging. All products are locally handmade and sourced using ingredients that are SLS, Paraben and sulphate free. We are also totally cruelty free. We will not buy from a company that is not 100% cruelty free.

Dirty Girl - Wash & Go