Steampunk Top Hat HC25XXS

Steampunk Top Hat HC25XXS


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Head Case Curios are renowned for creating one of a kind (OOAK) amazing hats*, originally designed for Steampunk enthusiasts and over time that audience has expanded to many enthusiast groups and even brides!  With a professional eye for detail and quality materials, a lot of time is spent on each hat as all the decoration is personally handcrafted so the hat you buy is totally unique and there will never be two the same.  Check out our current online range to see if there is one to suit you or complete your outfit!

*100% WOOL and designed in England, each Major Wear hat is BRAND NEW, handmade (not by us!) and lined in satin with a secure headband inside. 

Please refer to the photos as they clearly show the decorations and detailing.  NB: we do not take individual orders, so do not miss out: when it’s gone, it’s gone!

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Wear this hat and watch the cameras/mobile phone/iPads come out as everyone will want to photograph you in such an amazing creation!  Also, when you are no longer wearing it, don’t just pop it in the cupboard or a box,  it is a OOAK piece of fabulous art so be proud and sit it on a hat stand, mannequin head or even a complete mannequin (some have!) and let it be admired by all.

 NB: Please check sizing before purchase as we cannot accept returns. 


The Top Hat

It used to be said you were naked if you were not wearing a Hat yet today heads will turn, eyes will stare, and jaws may drop when an individual walks the streets with a Hat, promoting confidence and a feeling of wellbeing

Abnormally tall, flat at the top, curved around all its sides, yet straight in the centre. It sounds like a riddle, but it is simply the description of your traditional Top Hat.  Invented by an Englishman from Middlesex, it has been with us since at least 1793.  An iconic headwear item for millions it has more recently been adopted by a wide variety of people, whether worn with a few ribbons or a full-on creation, many groups congregate, and their ‘hat’ truly is their crowning glory!


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#Victoriana’s #Morris men #Folk #Angels #Pixies #Faires   #Heavy Metal

#Mods #Rockers   #Drama #Amdram   #Burlesque


Size: XXS



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