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Head Case Cigars & Curios

Head Case Curios Ltd (HCC) shop was born in 2014, based in the historic port of Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.

Buyers and sellers of the unusual and the unique, we travel the highways and byways, sail the seven seas and fly to faraway lands on magic carpets to discover new ideas for items to enhance your lives and homes.

Head Case Cigars was born from the owners passion & knowledge in fine cigars. This part of our shop is located towards the back of the shop in its very own area, providing proffesional storage for our ever growing cigar collection.

we also stock most things you need to store & enjoy a fine cigar.

At Head Case Cigars & Curios, we provide our shoppers with a broad assortment of ever-changing inventory, the only thing that remains the same is our honest prices and advice. 

Our service to you is experiential retail therapy full of the unique and alternative, found within our Southsea shop.

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