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Head Case Curios Sign- Cyril returns to watch over us.

Anyone who know's about Head Case Curios, will understand why our sign is so important to the owners of Head Case Curios.

So a reminder to everyone.

When we commissioned Coast Guard Studio ( James Porter) to design and create us a unique sign for Head Case Curios, it was a very personal journey.

Cyril E Payne is my late father in law, who was a hard working southsea businessman, running a family owned newsagent & tobacconist's in Eldon Street, Southsea.

He took over running the family business after returning home from the 2nd world war.

Cyril always took a keen interest in all his family , and what they did with there lives. Cyril also had a great sense of humour!

Hence we created a fun,visual way he can share our business journey.........

So the sign watching over our shop and our logo, is Cyril....keeping his eye on all we do, and all who visit.

The cigar band has his initial's C,E,P, in his memory of being a local.

So when you visit, look up! tip your hat / give him a polite nod of your head & say hello.

You may even get a bit of his good luck.

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