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Jamaican Cigar Tour March 2024

We have just spent the past two weeks in Jamaica.

The idea was to explore the Montego Bay area of Jamaica and sample the best Jamaican cigars, and also see what else was available.

We found a brand called BMC ,black mountain cigars which we were informed started in Jamaica by a Jamaican. But is now all produced in Nicaragua. What I can say ,is they are amazing value for money, and we couldn't get enough of them. Mainly come in medium strength, but do a couple of full bodied cigars.

We also found most Jamaican cigars are mild/med which i thought a surprise. As Rum and Jerk Chicken have such distinctive flavours, didn't expect a mild range of cigars.

Rum & Cigars in Jamaica are match made by the God's.

And with some of the world's finest beaches what better place to pair them up.

Rum for sale everywhere!

Cigar stores here are hit and miss , not like European & U.S.cigar stores.

sometim you just need to find a big gift shop,they all stock cigars.

Most have a humidor and proud to show you what they stock!

Or they will just run along the street and find you some...

what amazing service.

We manged to enjoy some aged Cuban Cigars from this legendary Habanos store.

Prices similar to UK prices yet have aged stock for same was a joy to be able to afford such luxury.

And the store manager was so friendly and knowledgeable.

When your in Montego Bay you must visit this store.

We also did some pairing with cocktails, rums and some amazing food.

It was an average 31° and 70% humidity each day, so we needed the drinks to survive!

Picked up a few cigars before leaving the UK, and this is a few we enjoyed.

A great and varied selection was enjoyed daily.

Well that's a taste of cigars in Montego Bay, Jamaica 2024.

Well worth a visit!

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