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Cigars are restocking each week.

We are pleased to say, our suppliers are starting to get new stock in for 2024.

Lots of cigars were out of stock after Christmas 2023.

But we are now more confident,that each week during February 2024 cigars from our importers are becoming available again.

So we hope to be back on top of our Cigar stock by March 2024. April will see lots of new cigars joining our menu, so you will see a big difference in our menu throughout summer 2024.

Exciting times at Head Case Cigars...

Make sure you follow us on social media, to get notification of deliveries.

Tables are ready for summer season in Southsea.

If you have a favourite cigar that you would like us to add to the2024 Cigar Menu, then message us and we will do our best.

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