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Head Case Curios is proud to have met all the criteria to become a Havana Cigar Point

A Havana Cigar Point is a retail shop that sells Havana cigars whilst meeting the standards jointly set by Habanos s.a., the company based in Cuba responsible for marketing and distributing Havana cigars worldwide, and the appointed importer for the region/country. Hunters & Frankau is the UK’s offcial importer and distributor of Havana cigars for the UK, a position they have held for over 30 years.

Head Case Curios to qualify as a Havana Cigar Point

Head Case Curios must stock a Havana cigar range, a selection of at least 20 different commercial cigar names in total representing at least five of the principal Habanos brands.


Untubed Havana cigars must be stored in a controlled climatic environment that delivers a constant level of relative humidity (RH) of between 65% and 70%. Temperature must also be maintained at 16-18°C as fluctuations will have an impact on humidity. Tubed cigars do not require as much monitored control as the tube maintains the freshness and condition of the cigar for a longer period of time. All cigars whether tubed or untubed should be kept in a suitable Humidor/Display unit.

Cigar Knowledge

The Shop Manager and at least one other member of staff who is responsible for maintaining and selling Havana cigars must attend an in-store basic training session conducted by Hunters & Frankau.

This includes a brief overview on the manufacture, brands, sizes, flavour profiles,cutting,lighting, smoking and recommendation of Havana cigars.

Support for the Image of Havanas

As representatives of a uniquely prestigious category in the world of cigars, Havana Cigar Points are required to maintain the premium image and reputation of cigars imported for sale from Cuba. Participants must support the EMS concept (English Market Selection) which is the mark of quality and authenticity for Havana cigars sold in the UK.

We will continue to keep adding more cigars to our existing collection, and look forward to offering only the very best selection of premium Havana Cigars in the City of Portsmouth.

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