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During the month of April & May 2020, we are helping raise some money for a local community service, who are offering support to all who need it, from frontline NHS teams,community care teams, and members of the public who are struggling during this challenging period in our lives.

This is the famous LJR Shirt as seen during lockdown 2020 on FB daily at 6pm

This is a fund raising T-Shirt created by Lord John Russel Manager - Chris Vaux & Lola ( the dog ).

Head Case Curios was asked if we could add the shirts to our website, and help raise funds for Solent Mind. We were pleased to assist, and did all we could to make it easy for people to buy these shirts and donate to Solent Mind.

Not only did we sell the shirts, COVER any costs from card/bank charges of each purchase, we even help pack and post some of the shirts, along with Chris Vaux.

These T-shirts are by The Lord John Russell on Albert Road in Southsea as part of their 'Po5itive Vibes Broadcasts' during the Corona Virus Lock Down.

These broadcasts champion a feel good factor, with music and chat, in these difficult times.

And the fundraising effort is for 'Positive Minds' part of 'Solent Mind' which is a Mental Health service in Portsmouth supporting those in need.

The T-shirt features little Lola the Yorkshire Terrier who has become an emblem of the positive feel good factor on the broadcast.

£10 from every shirt sold will go straight to this charity which is all of the profit after the cost of the T-Shirt manufacturing and dispatch is covered.

Thank you for your support. It is really appreciated, these shirts have sold out twice, and we hope to be able to supply some more in the future.

Sending you all lots of Po5itive Vibes

Head Case Curios is only selling these shirts via this website.

NOTE: we will NOT make any profit from each sale of THE PO5TIVE VIBES Shirts.

Chris Vaux from LJR, preparing the parcels for dispatch.

Sealed and ready for posting

Tony Duke, from Head Case Curios, assisting with making up the orders.

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